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Full dispersion of key constituent materials enables 1,200°C coatings that apply easily, perform in the rigorous environment of space, and
withstand reentry conditions.

Our ESD & Thermal Coatings

ESD Coatings

ACI’s 1,200°C ESD Coatings withstand abrasion and solvent attack for truly durable protection of sensitive internal equipment. The material offers excellent outgassing properties and can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Our Thermal Barrier Coatings apply easily and offer excellent adhesion, low outgassing, and favorable α and ε (use prior symbols) for space applications. These coatings resist temperatures up to 1,200°C and can be tailored to meet precise customer specifications.

ESD and Thermal Barrier Anatomy

High-Temperature ESD Coating

ACI’s Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Coatings operate up to 1,200°C and offer excellent outgassing properties. AS1101 can be applied either by spraying or rolling. The ESD coating cures at room temperature in 24 hours and a second coat can be applied within 4 hours. The material is a full ceramic once cured, offering excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, and full resistance to acetone and alcohol based solvents. The level of surface resistance can be tailored to meet customer specifications.

Solvent Resistant Thermal Barrier Coatings

Our Thermal Barrier Coating offers similar properties to the ESD Coating, can withstand 1,200°C temperatures, has excellent outgassing properties, and is easily applied. While AS3201 is not electrically dissipative, it offers lower absorption of light in the UV/Visible spectrum. The Thermal Barrier Coating also has excellent bonding to treated aluminum and other substrates and cures at room temperature within 24 hours of application.

Why it Works and Putting it All Together

ACI’s cavitation process enables degrees of solid-phase dispersion into ceramic precursors that are difficult to obtain with other methods. Combined with innovative formulation know-how, the process allows us to use material combinations that provide a unique combination of properties and eliminate the ‘chalky’ feel common to high temperature coatings.

Putting it All Together

The leading edges of rockets generate large amounts of heat and static electricity due to friction with the atmosphere. Our ESD Coatings operate at these high temperatures and are formulated to dissipate the static electricity that would otherwise accumulate placing sensitive internal components at risk. Thermal Barrier Coatings are used in areas that have to resist heat but not necessarily mitigate static charge. Both materials also need to work outside of our atmosphere, where the thermal load from the sun is substantially more intense than on land. To accommodate these conditions, the coating materials must reflect light in the UV and visible wavelengths (where the sun is most intense) and transmit light in the infrared wavelengths (to cool to space).

Advantages of ACI Aerospace Coatings

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Combine ease of application with the ultimate durability and protection.


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Superior thermal resistance, excellent adhesion, and full solvent resistance.


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