Flexible Wearable Electronics


Bend, twist, stretch and wash ACI’s Conductive Trace and Encapsulant materials without losing conductivity.

Our Flexible Wearable Electronics Materials

Conductive Trace

Our conductive trace can stretch more than 100% and cycle 1000’s of times without losing conductivity.


ACI’s stretchable encapsulant has excellent adhesion to TPU and cures at 80°C to accommodate temperature sensitive components.

Conductive Adhesives

Our conductive adhesives offer flexibility and superior adhesion to TPU and other elastomeric substrates.

Flexible Wearable Electronics Anatomy

Full Solution

ACI offers a fully compatible materials system for stretchable electronics applications including Conductive Inks, Conductive Adhesives, Encapsulants and Crossover Dielectrics. All materials demonstrate superior adhesion to TPU and other elastomeric substrates, and can be cured at low temperatures to accommodate sensitive components and support materials.

Stretchable Conductive Trace

The ability to pull and flex our stretchable conductive trace over many cycles is due to the excellent dispersion created by cavitation. SE1107 can stretch beyond 100% without losing conductivity, offers excellent rheology, and demonstrates superior adhesion to TPU and other elastomer substrates. The ink is screen printable and can be cured as low as 80°C.

Washable Encapsulant

ACI’s stretchable encapsulant moves, twists, and elongates along with our conductive trace while protecting it from sweat, moisture, and the washing machine. SE3102 has excellent dielectric strength and outstanding adhesion to TPU. This stretchable non-conductive ink is screen printable and cures as low as 80 °C.

Flexible Conductive Adhesive

FE1101 is a silver filled epoxy that remains flexible after cure to minimize the stress risers at hard/soft interfaces that develop during stretching and can lead to substrate failure. The material has great adhesion to TPU and other elastomeric substrates, and cures at temperatures below 80°C.

Putting it All Together

Wearable technology that is integrated into clothing requires a way to transmit signals between sensors, transmitters, and power sources. Instead of bulky, rigid wires, a stretchable conductive trace can be used to carry the electrical signals. The conductive ink is often screen printed onto an elastomeric substrate, which is in turn bonded to the underlying fabric by pressing with heat. The encapsulant material protects the conductive trace from water and sweat, and allows the conductive trace to go through the washing machine. The conductive adhesives bond the sensors, transmitters, and other components to the conductive trace, completing the system and allowing the sensors and transmitters to communicate.

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Conductive Trace Data
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Flex and stretch along with the fabric of your garment


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Adhesive Data Sheet – FE1101

Remains flexible to minimize forces that lead to delamination.


Download Our Stretchable
Encapsulant Data Sheet – SE3102

Stretch and protect without extra sheets of polymer.


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