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ACI Materials is a manufacturing and development company that enables the advanced products of tomorrow. Our innovative materials are created by combining a patented cavitation process with decades of formulation experience.

About ACI Materials

ACI manufactures high-performance inks, pastes, and coatings using a revolutionary cavitation process coupled with decades of combined formulation experience. Customers count on us to deliver high performance materials that outperform old technologies and enable new applications.

The story begins at a nanoparticle level. Cavitating nano to micron sized particles in a controlled manner results in inks, pastes, and coatings with a superior level of dispersion. This unparalleled dispersion unlocks the true potential of the constituent materials and enables new levels of performance, simultaneously elevating mechanical and electrical properties while improving quality. ACI Materials are perfect for flexible hybrid electronics, wearable electronics, aerospace, and solar applications.

ACI’s CEO Dana Hankey has been entrenched in high pressure cavitation technology since 2001. Years of process refinement in pursuit of a unique cavitation process tool lead to a breakthrough: the introduction of viscous materials into a controlled cavitation zone. The process creates very stable formulated specialty inks, pastes, and coatings in a single process step due to the unparalleled dispersion capabilities as compared to standard industry practices.

Applied Cavitation was incorporated in 2013 to commercialize new materials enabled by this process technology. Applied Cavitation, Inc. was rebranded to ACI Materials in 2017.

The ACI Leadership Team

Dana Hankey is a serial entrepreneur with more than three decades of specific, direct industry experience. He has managed industrial technology-based and growth-oriented businesses ranging from high-tech start-up operations to core businesses with revenues exceeding $150 million. He holds extensive international experience in electronics, specialty materials markets, and has diverse market experience, which includes photovoltaics, touchscreen displays, high-reliability (military/medical), consumer, automotive, industrial, and instrumentation arenas. Dana also has significant expertise in strategic planning, acquisitions, divestitures, licensing, and venture capital/funding. He has a strong materials science and materials engineering and characterization background, including synthesis and structure/properties relationships. He also has effective communication skills in diverse arenas including business management, advanced and emerging technologies, sales and marketing, and operations. He has been directly responsible for the development and management of strong teams with common missions and goals in a wide array of projects with specific deadlines, milestones, and objectives.
Damon Brink serves as Vice President Business Development at ACI Materials. He has been involved in manufacturing and product development for more than fifteen years and specializes in linking technologies with new market opportunities. Dr. Brink’s creative approach has led to the formation of two businesses, the commercialization of multiple products, and 31 patent applications worldwide. Prior to ACI, Dr. Brink has served in senior technical and business development roles in several industries. Most recently, he served as VP Engineering at Architected Materials, a startup commercializing a novel new materials technology, and Chief Technology Officer and Sr. VP Operations at IntriMed Technologies, a design and manufacturing firm in the Medical Device industry. Previous roles include serving as Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, and Board Member in industries including Data Storage, Thermal Management, and Nanotechnology. He is a Board Member and officer for the Channel Islands YCMA and is a past board member of the MIT Enterprise Forum. He is a certified PMP and CSSBB, holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a BSE in both Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan.
Joseph Capobianco is an open-minded opportunist, multidisciplinary scientist, and entrepreneur with experience developing and commercializing disruptive technologies. His research has spanned multiple disciplines, including biological and chemical sensors, surface, organo-metallic and colloidal chemistry, electronic ceramics, and biological polymers. Joseph was most recently a director of R & D at ESL Electro-Science, where he developed electronic materials including conductors, insulators, semiconductors, and dielectrics, which are used for hybrid circuits, multilayer microelectronics, high and low temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC & LTCC), metal to ceramic seals, solid oxide fuel cells, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. Prior to ESL, Joseph was CTO and co-founder of a successful start-up company, TBT Group, Inc. While at TBT Group, Joseph was responsible for fundraising, product development, business development, and establishing quality control for volume manufacturing. He established the company’s vision and led the company’s technological development. He provided leadership to department heads in a fashion that supported the company’s culture, mission, and values.
Marshall Tibbetts has extensive, direct industry experience spanning more than 10 years, which includes founding and serving as CEO of multiple early-stage businesses. Throughout his career, Marshall has worked on multiple patent applications, as well as the development and use of new technologies. He also has hands-on experience in developing and working with highly sophisticated and specialized equipment, some of which he personally developed for unique applications. Marshall has traveled internationally to train workers in specialized new technologies. Marshall’s vast experience in new product development, patent, research, management, equipment development, and operations, as well as his extensive technical knowledge, continues to be a significant asset to ACI’s process of applied cavitation.

ACI Facilities

  • 2000 Sq. ft. ISO class 8 clean room for production.
  • Multiple proprietary cavitation production processes  capable of up to 1 gallon per minute depending  on material.
Formulation Labs
  • Extensive formulation and application design  expertise to develop innovative solutions.
  • Wet benches and mixing equipment.
  • Precision deposition equipment.
  • Firing capabilities.
  • UV curing equipment.
Quality Control and Analytical Lab
  • Extensive Quality Control expertise.
  • Equipment such as Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000S, Prostat resistance meter, breakdown  voltage test equipment, Brookfield viscometers,  profilometer,
  • Nikon Microscope etc.
  • Complete set of analytical and characterization  equipment in house and through collaborative  partnerships.

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