Product Description

ACI FE3124 is a silver filled flexible conductive trace ink for use on PET, polyimides, and other bendable substrates. It offers high conductivity and low slump for feature resolution less than 100 μm. After cure FE3124 has excellent adhesion and flex ductility to accommodate various packaging form-factors and use cases. The ink is fully compatible with other products in ACI’s flexible electronics platform.

Product Benefits

  • High conductivity.
  • Limited resistivity change associated with bending and flexing.
  • Good feature resolution.
  • Excellent adhesion to PET and polyimide.
  • Screen printable for volume applications.
  • Fully compatible with ACI’s flexible adhesives and dielectrics.

Available Packaging Sizes

Custom fills are available.

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Flexible Conductive Trace

High conductivity and flex on PET & PI.