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Our clients come from a variety of industries with unique requirements. From Flexible Hybrid Electronics, Stretchable Wearable Electronics, Aerospace or Solar industries, ACI Materials enables tomorrow’s innovations.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Improved Flexibility & Conductivity

ACI supplies conductive inks, adhesives, and encapsulants that can be printed on flexible substrates to replace conventional materials such as FR4 board, glass, and other rigid substrates. These materials demonstrate excellent adhesion to polyesters and polyimide, cure at temperatures below 100°C, and offer superior bend performance for flexible applications.

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Wearable Electronics

Improved Conductivity for Performance

ACI’s stretchable conductive inks and encapsulants are bendable and twistable without compromising reliability. These materials demonstrate excellent adhesion to TPU and other elastomeric substrates, can be stretched through thousands of cycles, and are washable with encapsulation. Cure temperatures less than 100°C ensure processing compatibility with temperature sensitive components and materials.

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Aerospace Surface Technologies

Superior ESD and Thermal Barrier Coatings

ACI’s ESD and Thermal Barrier Coatings are highly durable and fully solvent resistant. These materials are temperature resistant to 1200°C, apply easily, and cure at room temperature in 24 hours. In addition, the electrical and optical properties can be tailored to optimize performance for a specific customer application.

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Solar Applications

Conductive Inks and Adhesives for Solar Cells

ACI’s dispersion technology enables Front Side Silver Pastes with superior conductivity, better printed aspect ratio, and higher fill factor for improved solar cell efficiency. Conductive epoxy-based adhesives offer flexibility and eliminate solder fatigue failure and associated interconnection reliability issues.

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