Surface Mount Technology

A New Generation of Surface Mount Components

In the realm of printed electronics, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) plays a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). High conductivity stands as a fundamental requirement in this domain, directly impacting the efficiency and reliability of electronic devices. ACI Materials stands at the forefront, supplying the most conductive silver ink on the market, coupled with a unique capability that allows direct soldering onto the silver ink traces. This exceptional combination of highly conductive ink and direct soldering capabilities empowers the advancement of SMT applications. By enabling smaller SMD options, our customers boast better flex, durability, and lower-cost systems. With the ability to ensure optimal signal transmission, reduced power loss, and heightened overall performance, ACI Materials' innovative solutions perfectly align with the evolving needs of modern electronic devices, driving the progress of printed electronics through enhanced conductivity and seamless integration.


The ACI Materials Advantage

Our advanced materials offer a new level of performance for surface mount technology.