Dedicated to driving progress across transportation to battery monitoring, ACI Materials is at the forefront of propelling both data and people, fostering a transformative era of connected, efficient, and environmentally conscious mobility. Our commitment lies in advancing technologies that redefine the mobility landscape, paving the way for a new age of interconnected, sustainable transportation solutions.

ACI Materials pioneers the mobility sector with specialized conductive inks tailored for seamless integration into transportation technology. Our inks offer unparalleled conductivity and batch-to-batch consistency, setting the stage for a new era in transportation technology.

These inks empower the creation of intelligent electronic systems within vehicles, allowing for the integration of sensors for autonomous driving and sophisticated displays for enhanced user experiences. Their ability to directly solder SMT devices onto the ink fosters robust wiring systems, ensuring reliable connectivity crucial for modern transportation solutions.

Our conductive inks support the development of lightweight and energy-efficient solutions, particularly crucial for electric vehicles and advanced transportation infrastructure. By offering cost-effective integration and fostering innovation in mobility electronics, ACI Materials' conductive inks play a pivotal role in driving the evolution of smart transportation technologies.

With a commitment to maintaining rigorous quality control measures and history of successful automotive audits, ACI Materials ensures the reliability, consistency, and safety of our conductive inks for mobility applications. Our dedication to innovation in transportation technology positions us as a pivotal partner, providing cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of mobility and transportation systems.

ACI Materials in the Mobility Industry

Printed heaters enhance comfort, safety, and energy efficiency across several industries including aerospace, automotive, and transportation. 

  • Heated Interiors
  • Aircraft De-Icing
  • Heated Cargo Carriers
  • Battery Thermal Management

Printed antennas are a lightweight, compact, wireless solution for seamless communication across devices and systems. 

  • Vehicle Tracking & Diagnostics
  • Package & Asset Tracking
  • Satellite Communication
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance

Surface mount components can be directly soldered onto printed circuit boards and enable the production of smaller, lighter, and more sophisticated electronic devices.

  • Fleet Management
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • LED Lighting
  • Engine Control Units

Aerospace surface technology enables space capsules and satellites to survive the extreme conditions of space.

  • ESD Coating
  • Thermal Barrier Coating

Partners in Progress

ACI Materials pushes the boundaries of electrical and mechanical performance that builds tomorrow's technology. But we can’t do it alone; customer collaboration is vital.

We work with medical device manufacturers to solve problems, providing expertise in advanced materials. ACI Materials also offers substrate, sub-assembly, and software integration with various partners across the globe. 

Our partnership doesn’t end when the project is done. We are constantly striving to improve processes and our materials, to make your product the best it can be.