ACI Materials is partnering with market leaders in large high-growth markets including stretchable printed heaters, flexible hybrid electronics and aerospace.

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Stretchable Heater Technology

  • Suite of stretchable heater materials that work work together to create highly efficient printed heaters
  • Stretchable heater applications include outdoor clothing, athletic gear, consumer heater products, heated automotive seats and other in-cabin items
  • Medical healing, physical therapy and wound care applications

Alchemy Ink Technology

  • Specialty inks, and pastes, and for electronic functional printing
  • Cures fast with low sheet resistance
  • Lower volume resistivity in less time
  • Hard crease survivability
  • High resolution printing without compromise
  • Superior rheology and sintering
  • Polymer free system full sintering version maintains proper low slump screen and dispense print rheology
  • Complete through film sintering at high film thickness 50+ µm

Aerospace Surface Technology

  • External ESD surface coatings and thermal management
  • Aerospace applications include rockets, satellites and military aircrafts