Aerospace Surface Technology

A New Generation of Aerospace Capsules and Satellites

We produce functional coatings that enable space capsules and satellites to survive the extreme conditions of space. These surface materials perform exceptionally well in space and offer low outgassing. Our offerings include ESD coatings and thermal barrier coatings.

ESD or Electrostatic Dissipative Coating prevents shocks and shorts that typically lead to explosions. ESD coatings are ideally suited for aerospace applications requiring exceptional durability and heat resistance.

Thermal barrier coatings insulate metal components, such as the engine, and prevent them from reaching extremely high temperatures. Thermal barrier coatings designed for aerospace applications require exceptional durability under harsh conditions. ACI Materials offers a thermal barrier coating that is fully inorganic and offers superior abrasion resistance, full resistance to solvents, and protects against corrosion.

The ACI Materials Advantage

Our advanced materials offer a new level of performance for aerospace coatings.


Offers superior resistance and protection.

Enclosed Production Process

Our cavitation process gives us full control of our emissions.

Materials for Aerospace Surface Technology