Product Description

AS1101 is an ESD coating ideally suited for aerospace applications requiring exceptional durability and heat resistance. The product is fully inorganic and offers superior abrasion, radiation, corrosion, and chemical resistance. AS1101 provides more consistent electrical conductivity than conventional organic ESD coatings, while offering film stability under even the harshest environmental conditions.

Product Benefits

  • Temperature resistant to 1,200°C.
  • Will not erode or ablate with solvent rub.
  • Smooth surface finish – not chalky.
  • Exceptional outgassing properties.
  • Consistent deposition onto complex surfaces with or without primer (depending on substrate) using spray or roll deposition.
  • Good adhesion to polymers, metals, ceramics, glasses, and composites.

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Electrostatic Dissipative Coating

ESD coating ideally suited for aerospace applications.