Sports & Fitness

Partnering collaboratively with performance apparel companies, sporting goods manufacturers, and pioneers in fitness technology, ACI Materials is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the landscape of sports and fitness experiences. Leveraging our specialized material expertise, we seamlessly integrate technology into innovative fitness products, empowering the industry to shape the future of athletic performance and wellness.

ACI Materials leads innovation in the sports and fitness sector with specialized conductive inks designed for electronic integration into athletic gear and fitness wearables. Our inks, renowned for their flexibility and durability, seamlessly integrate electronic components into sports equipment, empowering the development of cutting-edge athletic gear.

Our conductive inks bring unique advantages to the sports and fitness industry. They facilitate the creation of smart sports equipment embedded with sensors for performance tracking, aiding athletes in optimizing training routines. From biometric sensor-equipped clothing to wearables providing real-time performance analysis, our inks drive the evolution of state-of-the-art sports gear, enhancing the athlete's experience.

With a focus on cost-effective integration, our conductive inks enable lightweight and durable solutions, whether enhancing athletic apparel with biometric sensors or equipping sports gear with performance-tracking devices. ACI Materials prioritizes stringent quality control measures, ensuring the reliability, consistency, and safety of our conductive inks. Our commitment to innovation propels advancements in sports technology, elevating athletic performance and the overall fitness experience.

ACI Materials in the Sports & Fitness Industry

Partners in Progress

ACI Materials pushes the boundaries of electrical and mechanical performance that builds tomorrow's technology. But we can’t do it alone; customer collaboration is vital.

We work with medical device manufacturers to solve problems, providing expertise in advanced materials. ACI Materials also offers substrate, sub-assembly, and software integration with various partners across the globe. 

Our partnership doesn’t end when the project is done. We are constantly striving to improve processes and our materials, to make your product the best it can be.