A New Generation of Printed Antennas

As the landscape of wireless communication evolves, printed antennas emerge as fundamental components driving the future of interconnected technologies. These antennas serve as conduits for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves, facilitating seamless wireless communication among devices. Crafted through specialized printing techniques, our materials enable construction of antennas that stand out for their exceptional conductivity, allowing them to be lightweight, flexible, and adaptable to diverse surfaces.

At ACI Materials, our expertise in antenna materials manufacturing is underpinned by our provision of the most conductive silver ink available in the market. This unique capability paired with the ability to print remarkably fine lines, ensures precision and enables optimal performance. Moreover, our antennas boast exceptional adhesion properties, guaranteeing their reliability and longevity in various applications. Antennas have a variety of uses across many industries, including:

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices

Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Multiband Cellular Antenna

Mulitband Wi-Fi Antenna

Furthermore, our conductive inks' unique ability to allow direct soldering of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) devices onto the ink significantly aids the antenna market. This feature enhances the ease of antenna integration into electronic systems, enabling robust connections and ensuring superior performance. This capability not only allows for precision in assembly but also contributes to durability and reliability, meeting the stringent demands of the evolving wireless communication landscape. Antennas find a diverse array of uses across many industries, and our conductive inks' soldering capability adds an additional dimension of versatility and performance to these applications.

The ACI Materials Advantage

Our advanced materials offer a new level of performance for antennas.

More Conductive

Than typical silver ink available.

Enclosed Production Process

Our cavitation process gives us full control of our emissions.