Product Description

ACI Alchemy Conductive Inks are a series of highly conductive semi-sintering or hybrid type formulations that enable a range of advantages to current users of silver polymer thick film (PTF) and nanoparticle-based inks, pastes, and coatings. These formulations offer the ease of use and processing of PTF inks and coatings, but with the superior electrical performance of sintered nano inks.

Product Benefits

Material cost savings

The low volume resistivity (high conductivity) of the materials and ability to print thinner films enable lower cost in use compared to traditional percolation type conductors

Higher power/current density applications

Ability to sinter at greater film thickness than nano inks allows for low resistivity AND low sheet resistance films able to carry more current or power without overheating

Superior mechanical performance (flex and crease)

The ability to print much thinner films with equivalent sheet resistance to PTF conductors allows for superior flex ductility and hard crease resistance

Higher resolution printing

The small particle size of the formulations allows screen printing, microdispensing, jetting and spraying of finer interconnects

Higher speed curing

Curing rate often limits the use of nanoinks, however these formulations cure at rates amenable to traditional screen-printing dryers

Solder paste wettability

Alchemy inks wet nicely by BiSn(Ag) low temperature solder pastes, so on some substrates reflow solder-based attach may be possible

Environmental stability

No change in temperature/humidity aging

Custom fills are available.

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Highly conductive semi-sintering or hybrid type formulations.