Product Description

ACI SC1502 is a carbon filled conductor for printed circuitry and devices on elastomeric substrates. It can be dried at low temperatures to accommodate sensitive substrates and devices. After curing, the ink has good conductivity and offers excellent elongation and flexibility. SC1502 has been formulated for superior adhesion to thermoplastic urethanes (TPU). It is compatible with ACI’s other stretchable materials and can be printed over the silver grades in sensor applications to limit silver migration.

Product Benefits

  • Superior stretch performance on TPU offering elongation greater than 200%.
  • Excellent resistivity and rapid return after strain.
  • Excellent adhesion to TPU.
  • Low cure temperature (80°C) is possible for temperature sensitive materials.
  • Compatible with other products in ACI’s stretchable electronics platform.

Custom fills are available.

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Stretchable Printed Carbon Conductor

Formulated for superior adhesion to TPU.