Product Description

ACI SI3104 is a screen printable, thermally cured ink that is stretchable when cured and compatible with ACI’s stretchable inks. SI3104 can be used as an insulator and/or crossover dielectric. When cured, the ink displays exceptional durability, excellent flexibility, and high insulation resistance. SI3104 has excellent adhesion to TPU, and is fully compatible with ACI’s suite of products engineered for stretchable and flexible electronics.


Product Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to elastomeric substrates.
  • Maintains flexibility and stretchability to more than 100% elongation.
  • Good dielectric breakdown strength.
  • Fully compatible with ACI’s stretchable inks and conductive adhesives.


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Printed Insulator

Stretchable screen printable, thermally cured ink.