Product Description

TE5237 is an epoxy based glob top encapsulant that remains stretchable following thermal cure. The encapsulant can be used in combination with ACI’s stretchable ECAs and NCAs for interconnect solutions. The material can also be used as a standalone to electrically insulate and protect components mounted to flexible and stretchable systems, or for rigid systems to manage stresses arising from large thermal expansion mismatches.


Product Benefits


TE5237 is a filled non-conductive epoxy used to encapsulate components in flexible and stretchable systems and to manage thermal expansion mismatches in rigid packaging solutions. It can be used with high volume dispensing processes and cures with low shrinkage. The encapsulant exhibits a unique combination of high compliance and high adhesion to a broad range of materials, including plastics, metals, glass and ceramics.

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Stretchable Glob Top Encapsulant

Compliant for devices on flexible substrates.