Product Description

TS1331 is a silver filled, solvent free, one component conductive adhesive that remains stretchable following thermal cure. This conductive adhesive was designed for bonding to flexible substrates and accommodates interface stresses and strains during bending. TS1331 is both electrically and thermally conductive and can be used in a broad range of applications.

Product Benefits

TS1331 is compatible with flexible systems where interconnect robustness and reliability is challenging. It can be used with high volume automated dispensing processes, and can be cured rapidly with low shrinkage. The cured material displays outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, with a unique combination of high flexibility, high shear strength, and high adhesion to a broad range of materials. The cured material provides stress relief for bonding dissimilar materials in flexible packaging, which enables high reliability performance metrics such as high resistance to shock and cyclic fatigue.

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Stretchable Conductive Adhesive

Silver filled, solvent free, one component conductive adhesive