Stretchable Heater Technology

ACI offers heater materials to build a new generation of heated clothing, medical devices, consumer and industrial wear and automotive heaters. These heaters are soft, compliant, conforming, battery powered and stretchable, eliminating wires.

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Stretchable Printed Heaters

The ACI Material Difference

Working in close partnership, ACI Materials collaborates with clients and a variety of functional printers to create the perfect heater for multiple applications. ACI provides superior stretechable heater materials for simple to complex heaters. Compared to conventional wearable heaters which are produced on a rigid plastic or utilize uncomfortable wires, our heaters are manufactured by printing on a polyurethane, making them soft, elastic, and comfortable on the skin. ACI heaters are flexible, lightweight, durable, and customizable. Designed for a comfortable temperature range of 68°F to 122°F (20°C to 50°C).

Comfortable Heaters

Thin, safe and durable heaters that can be integrated into almost any garments incognito. Heat on demand!

Battery Powered

Powered by rechargeable batteries or battery packs that are removed before washing.


Hand wash for high-use applications or machine wash for outdoor clothing.


Stretchable inks and TPU film make these heaters ideal for all kinds of applications.

A. Base TPU Film

Stretchable with hot-melt adhesive

B. Conductive Silver Traces and BusBar System


Stretchable Printed Silver Conductor

C. Resistive Elements


Printed Fixed Resistance Heater Ink

D. Cover Film or Printed Encapsulant

Can be printed with customized graphics.


Stretchable Encapsulant

E. Fabric

Materials can be printed on pratically any fabric.

F. Power Supply

Battery or battery pack, specified for the particular project.