Alchemy Ink Technology

ACI Alchemy Conductive Inks are changing the game for additive manufacturing of flexible electronics.

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ACI Alchemy Ink Technology

ACI Alchemy Conductive Inks

ACI Materials has developed a new series of semi sinterable and sinterable conductive inks which demonstrate a unique combination of capabilities
  • Lower sheet resistance than PTF, nanoparticle, and metal complex based inks
  • Faster cure times than traditional nanoparticle based sinterable inks
  • Nano like volume resistivity (conductivity), but in less time
  • Superior hard crease survivability compared to even PTF inks
  • Allow high resolution printing without compromising resistivity and sheet resistance
  • Enables reflow soldering using solder pastes
  • Thinner EMI shielding coatings


Semi-Sintering Conductive Ink


Semi-Sintering Conductive Ink